Brain Mapping


Brain Mapping is the scientific study of fingerprints and refers to the friction ridge formations which appear on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet. Fingerprints formation begins in the womb itself.These patterns are formed during the fetal development stage,13 to 19 weeks. Through research, it has been proved that ridged skin pattern formations are controlled by chromosomes, and are influenced by polygenetic inheritance. Anatomically the human hands dominate all other organs in term of relative importance. This is why the brain dedicates the majority of approximately two hundred million nerve endings to the hands.In other words, the hands are the source of physiological and psychological information of any individual. Medical and scientific research has proven the fact that there are no two identical fingerprints. These fingerprints remain the same during the lifetime and even after until the complete decomposition of the body take place. This science in coordination to the multiple intelligence Theory of Dr.Howard Gardner has developed an accurate means to provide possible information of any individual with the help of fingerprint study and analysis. This method of analysis is known as Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT).


Historic traits of researches on Dermatoglyphics pervades back to the second half of 19th century followed by the evolutionary expositions of Charles Darwin with the genetic explanations of his cousin brother Sir Francis Galton on gradual and methodic development of skin ridges of humans and his assessments on the higher state of genetic progress of humanity.
The reciprocity of fingerprints and brain ridges was expounded by Dr. Harold Cummins in 1926 and coined the term ‘dermatoglyphics,’ the scientific study of fingerprints, and thus known as ‘father of dermatoglyphics.’ He for the first time, revealed the mental abnormalities occurred in individual with accidental fingerprints by birth and his lifetime studies and techniques known as ‘Cummins Methodology.’

Later, cerebral correlation with fingerprints has undoubtedly been promulgated by Professor Penfield through his research paper in 1950.

The Dual Brain theory of Professor Sperry proposed in 1981 has made him be a Nobel laureate for his findings. Finally, the idea of functional distribution of brain lobes and Multiple Intelligence Theory of Howard Gardner paved the way for the development of DMIT. During the dawn of the 1990s, Rui-Bin Lin made the breakthrough of DMIT making it a scientific system to analyze one’s innate abilities and talents.


By BRAIN MAPPING Analysis, we can accurately understand the distribution and amount of cells in the left and right brain and predict where the potential lies. Although everyone is born with strength and weakness, if they are identified early, we may further develop the strengths and improve our weakness, so that the left and right brain may grow in a more balanced and blend way.

For Students

  • Identify his/her innate potential
  • Identify best learning style
  • Understand your analytical and creative mind
  • Improve the relationship between parents and children
  • His/Her personality type and behavior
  • Multiple Intelligences Distribution
  • Multiple intelligence and its sub-abilities to improve on your weakness
  • Personalize your extracurricular activities based on Multiple Intelligence
  • Career guidance based on his/her inborn talents

For Professionals

  • Understand your natural character traits
  • Identify your most suitable learning and leadership styles
  • Quotient proportion – IQ,EQ,AQ,CQ,SQ
  • understand your work management style
  • Department suitability chart based on Multiple Intelligence.

For Adults

  • Improve relationships with your loved ones
  • Understand your partner’s personality traits, values, and characteristics
  • Improve family relationships
  • Reveal your hidden talents
  • Develop understanding through better

For Corporates Adults

  • Find the right person for the right job
  • Pre-employment screening.
  • Discover employees potentials, maximizing efficiency and effectiveness
  • Understand leadership style
  • Planning and execution style
  • Understand your employee’s personal quotients-IQ, AQ, EQ, CQ, SQ


  • Admitting the limitations of the education system in India, we being the training and consulting organization, promote the test to take its benefits as much as possible in the existing context of the school to pioneer a paradigm envisaged by the visionary sects of academicians of our time.
  • As the school nowadays set divisions unscientifically by alphabetical DMIT will help the school to divide children by their learning scientifically.
  • If possible teachers also can be encouraged to undergo DMIT, and hence the school can deploy the teachers for each division according to their learning styles and the teaching methods can be parred appealing and useful compared to clumsy allocations of classes to teachers.
  • It also assist the school to adopt convenient teaching and learning methods according to the uniqueness of the intelligence combination and acquiring manner to maximize the performances of the students in academics.
  • Schools get an opportunity to guide the children from the childhood to the real potential disciplines and professions of the students to excel in their areas of expertise. Parents can be given instructions to render special attention into it for their child’s future.
  • It will reduce the stress level of the children pertained to studies as teachers can understand the caliber of each student in performances and right attention can be given to the weaker children to score their better average.
  • Personal problems of the children can be tackled easily by understanding their differences of quotients and acquiring methods.Counseling sessions of the mentor in the school will be more practical and useful.
  • Parents can be given accurate suggestions and recommendations to deal with the children in their learning as well as in acclimatization issues according to the unique distribution of their intellectual faculties.
  • Sports, arts, games and other extracurricular programs of the school can be fine tuned in accordance with the actual potentials of the children instead of trying a game of chance and luck.
  • DMIT’S scientific aspects will bring in an order and discipline in dealing with the children and which will elevate the reputation of the school in and out due to its pervasive effect that cannot be tarnished.