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Why Brrainothon’s Career Counseling?

  • In India , we have 29 states and 7 union territories.
  • There are 22 official languages in india.
  • Language should not be the barriers to limit a person from taking the assessment and finding the most suitable career fit.
  • Brrainothon is the only company in india which offers assessment in 5 different languages catering to the need of the individual.
  • The 5 languages are English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi and Tamil.
  • Career counselling and career guidance are not limited only to career assessment and generating career report. 
  • What next after report interpretation?
  • What if you want to know which college to choose? 
  • What if you want to know your chances of admission at a particular college?
  • What if you want to know which exam to write and when is that exam?
  • What if you want to know how to improve in studies?
  • This is where the student dashboard comes into the picture. 
  • Brrainothon student dashboard is considered to be the amalgamation of knowledge depository and career exploration.

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