Student Mastery

Student Mastery is a must for student who desires everlasting success in studies

Student mastery workshop is Designed Scientifically & psychologically. It gives the secrets of Memorizing faster than before & Power to perform well in Exams. Also Gives a very Powerful Exam Phobia Removal Technique


  • what is memory
  • the mechanism of memory
  • secrets of memory
  • memory blocks
  • goal settings
  • mental clock
  • circle of confidence
  • prandharna
  • linking method of memory
  • acronyms techinque
  • yog mudra technique
  • remember names and faces
  • remember foreign language
  • remembering maps
  • faster reading technique
  • time management
  • remember elements and atomic number
  • mini nap
  • remember-whole book
  • how to study and prepare for the exam

Benefits of Student Mastery


  • train your memory
  • memorize a whole book.get better grades in school
  • you will be able to control your stress and attain mental peace.
  • your self confidence, concentration and creative power will be enhanced.
  • you will be able to manage your sleep.
  • remove exam phobia and improve concentration
  • learn quick methods to improve memorizing speed.
  • you will be able to set your goal and achieve your goal.
  • you can remember date lines, general knowledge, science phenomena, science tables,
  • atomic numbers, MCQ, definations and many more….

Mind control method + Alpha meditation + Bright memory = STUDENT MASTERY