Vedic Maths

Learn the World's fastest ancient indian calculating system

Course Content (For Std 4th,5th & 6th)

Positive Benefits of Vedic Maths

Better Academic Result

Increase Visualization Abilities

Improves Memory

Boost Self - Confidence

Boost Self - Confidence

Boost Self - Confidence

Increase Logical & Reasoning Abilities

Become a Mental Calculator

Remove Maths Phobia

Free Bonus 1

Brain gym

It helps to improve neurological function so that areas of the brain are more strongly connected. It uses physical movements and provides immediate improvement in the performance of the brain.

Free Bonus 2

Eye exercises

It comes in handy for speed reading because it requires your eyes to cover more distance on the page. Making your eye muscles stronger and more flexible improves your clarity of vision and retards the natural eyesight deterioration that occurs with aging.

Free Bonus 3

Candle Meditation

You keep your eyes open and focus on a flame of the candle. A candle gazing meditation helps bring energy to the third eye, increases concentration, and improves memory.